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Since its establishment in 1985 as a subsidiary of Nael and Bin Harmal, Bin Harmal Group has been a driving force in the rapid economic growth of the UAE. Our key driver was the vision of late Sheik Zayed Bin Sultan, who’s main focus was the prosperity and well being of both citizens and residents alike. Construction and manufacturing are our main pillars , while travel and tourism are paramount to the continued growth of the UAE.

The company has consistently pursued expansion and development, adapting to a constantly evolving economic landscape. This resilience and forward-thinking vision have allowed Bin Harmal Group to maintain stable growth and position itself for continued success in the future.

As a leading player in the UAE's business landscape, We are confident in the enduring prosperity of the UAE and are excited to be a part of its ongoing success. Whether through new ventures or the expansion of existing operations, we are committed to contributing to the continued growth and development of the country.



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