Emiratisation is the process of increasing the employment of Emirati citizens in the United Arab Emirates. As a leading company in the UAE, we are committed to supporting the Emiratisation efforts of the government and contributing to the professional development of our Emirati employees. We support their professional development through training and development programs, mentorship opportunities, and career advancement initiatives. We believe that a diverse and inclusive workforce is key to driving innovation and achieving sustainable growth, and we are proud to be a part of the UAE's journey towards a bright and prosperous future.

Eng. Mohammed Al Ghussein

Chief Executive Officer

Abdul Rahman Alshamsi

Emiratisation Manager

عبدالله غانم البلوشي

Abdullah Ghanim Alblooshi

مهندس مدني

Civil Engineer

محمد عبدالله العامري

Mohammed Abdulla Alameri

مراقب عمال


محمد الجابري

Mohammed Al Jabrie



شمسة خلفان الشامسي

Shamsa Khalfan Alshamsi

موظف موارد بشرية

HR Officer

آمنة سالم الشامسي

Amna Salem Alshamsi

إداري علاقات عامة

Administration PRO

منى خلفان الشامسي

Muna Khalfan Alshamsi

استشاري قانوني

Legal Advisor

مهره سويدان الكندي

Mahra Swaidan Alkindi

موظف الموارد البشرية

HR Officer

علي حمد الكلباني

Ali Hamad Alkalbani

موظف استقبال


فاطمه علي البلوشي

Fatima Ali Alblooshi

علاقات عامة


سهيل عامر العامري

Suhail Amer alameri

علاقات عامة


هلال خلفان الشامسي

Helal Khalfan Alshamsi

ضابط صحة وسلامة

Health & Safety Officer